David Lynch is THE most remarkable film-maker of our time. There are hundreds of brillian – ফাহাম আব্দুস সালাম

David Lynch is THE most remarkable film-maker of our time. There are hundreds of brilliant film-makers working around the clock all over the world. They make delightful films. You watch it and appreciate their mastery. Watch a couple of times, you can figure how the director thinks, what does he think actually.

I could never quite understand what goes inside Lynch’s brilliant mind. 28 years ago he was astonishingly unique with his masterpiece, Twin Peaks. He still remains peerless as far making weird films are concerned.

The last episode of second season (1991) had a famous scene where Laura Palmer bids farewell to Agent Cooper, saying in mumbled ‘other-worldly’ English and with a distinct hand gesture that I will never forget, “see you in 25 years”. All these years I thought did Lynch actually mean it? It appears he did. Lynch made the 3rd season of Twin Peaks last year (26 years later, to be precise). Except for the title and the actors, almost none of it resembles anything of the original 2 seasons.

3 words you’d associate with the first two seasons are mystery, innocence and humour; whereas the latest season evokes completely different 3: violent brain fuck. It is disturbingly original.

You name it, X-files, Lost, Stranger things, almost any modern day supernatural TV shows can be traced back to Twin Peaks. It is impossible to overstate the impact of the first two seasons. With Twin Peaks, David Lynch practically invented modern TV. Before it, everything was like Knight Rider or MacGyver – best-suited for teenagers flushed with hormones. After Twin Peaks, TV shows changed forever. Shows that are as artistic and intelligent as films and yet lasts for 30 episodes, having subplots which monster Hydra will envy – did not exist before Twin Peaks. What we now say golden age of television, started in 1990, with a mesmerizing intro showcasing the fictitious picturesque logging town, Twin Peaks. I never realised back then, this TV show would have such lasting impact upon me. Those 12 year old kids didn’t understand one bit of the plot but we certainly understood the charm of Audrey, Shelly, Annie (Heather Graham’s first notable role), Donna, Jocelyn and Norma – man! They were drop-dead gorgeous. It is infinitely depressing to see them 26 years later. They have aged, some not so well. Life’s subterfuge will be revealed to you in time, it may humble you but it pleases none. Even looking at the mirror becomes an ordeal – the transientness of beauty will haunt you, one way or the other.

I don’t think 3rd season will have that kind of impact but my dear God, it is so weird and different from anything else in TV. Faint-hearted people should watch it carefully though: at times the violence is too much to stomach.

It’s not easy to reinvent yourself at the age of 70, especially not with your magnum opus (Mulholland Drive may be the best film of 21st century so far but Twin Peaks is his most important project so far). It’s like asking Freddy Mercury to recompose Bohemian Rhapsody to an astonishing piece of RNB song. Well folks, David Lynch just did it last year. Peaks-3 is a masterpiece in its own right. He was ahead of his time 25 years ago; he still is – in a completely different context.

He is your mad man with an eye for breathtakingly beautiful girls. This might have been his last project and your last chance to enter this brilliant mind.

Faham Abdus Salam | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2018-02-21 14:23:34