CNN Reporting that #Saudi Arabia will issue Report on #Khashoggi : – সাবিনা আহমেদ

CNN Reporting that #Saudi Arabia will issue Report on #Khashoggi :

– Acknowledging death .

– Result of Interrogation went wrong. [I suspected this in my porbo #2 post ]

– Was intended to abduct him to Saudi. [I also suspected this in my porbo #2.]

– Likely conclude Operation was NOT cleared. [This will give the Saudi government the face saving escape they need from this case. ]

– Those involved will be held Responsible. [There will be some escape goats who will pay the price. ]

Here are few more points from analysts including me:

– since the Saudis are going to admit this killing by their own men so soon means audio/video evidence do exist, Turks were not bluffing, otherwise Saudis would drag the case.

– The videos that the Saudis, Americans and the Turks have seen are so convincing that US senators , Saudi King , Turkish Authorities have no room to discredit it. I’ve mentioned it in my previous posts.

– Highly likely King Salman had no prior knowledge of the operation and highly likely MBS was the mastermind. MBS doesn’t consult everything with his father.

– Presence of fiance made the case solid against the Saudis.

– Saudi acknowledging it means, all the statements by their own interior minister, their media , their supporting country’s media were all baseless and hoax. No, others are not after the Sunni world as some people think all the time.

– So far Turkey is handling the overall investigation, situation and press release very maturely, and they didn’t leave room for errors.

P. S. If Saudi Arabia officially doesn’t provide a report acknowledging death of Jamal Khashoggi in their consulate by a botched plan, you haven’t read this post.

Source- CNN, NYT, Joyce Karim, Iyad el-Baghdadi

Sabina Ahmed | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2018-10-16 03:30:22