Proud moments as a parent: – শাফকাত রাব্বী অনিক

Proud moments as a parent:

— Older daughter in 5th grade did well in exams. So I said , you will get whatever you want. She wanted an MP3 player, and went to amazon and found an inexpensive one. I said I have a better mp3 player, it's old, but hardly ever used. She immediately got excited , made me find it, and now is extremely happy with my 10 year old iPod mini.

— Yesterday, my Son in 1st grade went to his school book fair with 10 dollars in hand that my wife gave to him. The boy came back home buying a book on Hitler / Nazis for his older sister, because he said his sister is fascinated about the 2nd World War.

So, my wife gave the 7 year old boy another few dollars to buy something for him the next day (today).

In the car my youngest daughter asks for money from me to go to the book fair alone like her bhaia did yesterday.

My son told his younger sister, “don't worry, I have money, I will give it to you”.

Shafquat Rabbee Anik | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2019-05-02 19:16:15