“If Michael Bloomberg – defender of the big banks, promoter of stop and frisk and surveill – সাবিনা আহমেদ

“If Michael Bloomberg – defender of the big banks, promoter of stop and frisk and surveillance of mosques, apologist for George W Bush and the Iraq war, fan of the Chinese Communist Party – is a ‘moderate’ then that term has lost all meaning, if it ever had any to begin with.” Mehdi Hasan

Michael Bloomberg is a racist and a misogynistic oligarch. He is more of a right wing republican than a moderate democrat. He is more like Trump than Obama.

Bloomberg is never a friend of the people of color (POC), which are me and you.

While Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City, from 2002 till 2011, his Stop & Frisk program terrorized millions of black and brown families. It violated the most personal, human, and constitutional rights of NYers thousands of times per day for a decade. It was embarrassing and demoralizing for NY city’s POCs.

Finally today he apologized for it under pressure but lied that he stopped the program. It was stopped by a fierce multiracial coalition called @changethenypd. Bloomberg is a liar.

In 2014 Bloomberg donated $250,000 to help reelect Lindsay Graham to the United States Senate. Do I have to remind you who this Republican senator Lindsay graham is? I hope not.

In 2016, when democrats were fighting hard to Flip The Senate, Bloomberg gave $11.7 million to defeat the democratic candidate in Pennsylvania. He was the single largest donor in the race. With his help Republicans won by just 2%. Senate remained a republican majority. Trump was later acquitted by this senate. For the last three years the republican majority senate is letting Trump destroy every institution that support a true democratic country. It’s destroying the country’s core foundation and Bloomberg has played his role in it.

Money can buy a lot of things, but money should not buy your conscience and your vote. No People of color should vote for Michael Bloomberg in the Primary… not the Primary.

Sabina Ahmed | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2020-02-13 10:30:33