When was the last time you- – ফাহাম আব্দুস সালাম

When was the last time you-

• Did something that involved your hand(s)
• Took at least two hours to complete
• It wasn’t for your financial benefit and certainly wasn’t chores. And finally
• You aimed perfection for no good reason.

If the answer is less than a month I bet you are leading a happy life. Because you are in the process of accumulating good memories. Remember, happiness is not a feeling, it’s a memory. Those who seek happiness never attain it. And those who do a lot of stuff that they love become happy later in their lives. Its so simply because they reminisce the event not the feeling.

The crucial caveat is our brains when recalling a past event, simply can’t access the original event. Yes, this is a fact. When you remember the day your father died, or the first kiss of your life it’s not the original event that you are recounting. What you are actually remembering is what you remembered the last time about that particular event.

Give some time and your brain will deny access to all the hardship that came along with the work you did. All you’ll remember is the accomplishment and no matter how insignificant the accomplishment was our brains have the capacity to accentuate it. So do a lot of different stuff and give some time – that’s the key to happiness.

We are not the masters of our brains. They have their own commanders.

Faham Abdus Salam | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2015-08-14 07:45:33