A healthy amount of "panic" is necessary regarding the Corona Virus. – শাফকাত রাব্বী অনিক

A healthy amount of “panic” is necessary regarding the Corona Virus.

It is because human beings cannot properly mobilize their disaster fighting mechanisms into full swing unless they are just a little bit freaked out.

From an impending hurricane to a bad blizzard, to a desert Storm , to flash floods, unless humans are adequately freaked out, they don't prepare or take prevention.

It is not how the world should be, but this is exactly how the world is.

That is why, governments, authorities and media the world over use communication techniques , mastered over the last century, to caution and freak-out people just the right amount, so that they listen and prepare.

The real situation that any authorities know is that many parts of the world is simply NOT fully prepared to handle a global pandemic.

You can conveniently forget about mortality date, which is still below 3%.

Think about:

— doctor to patient ratio
— hospital beds to patient ratio
— ICU to patients ratio
— availability of medicine
— emergency room to population ratio

Many parts of the world is not ready, even America is not ready to handle a major pandemic, hospitals can be flooded and jammed, medicine can run out if demands skyrocket.

The ONLY effective solution now is for people to start engaging in self awareness about hygiene, avoidance of unnecessary gathering, if necessary self quarantine.

Only a healthy amount of freak-out can achieve the above.

Shafquat Rabbee Anik | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2020-03-09 07:29:16