There is a clear risk if Bangladesh does not follow standard protocol for contai – জিয়া হাসান

There is a clear risk if Bangladesh does not follow standard protocol for containing Corona virus, at a certain time we will become the epicenter for virus like Italy and Iran has become now.

And chances are, in a few months time the whole world will slowly contain the virus but few third world counties like Bangladesh won't and this group of countries will be secluded, quarantined or black listed by international community.

In that case , apart from the health consequence the economic consequence will be catastrophic. This will impact manpower export, RMG export and all kinds transactions with other states including your beloved health tourism to India.

We know our rulers don't care for the lives of people as, people's lives are the cheapest commodity in this country. But they do care for the economic activity and the rents that those economic activity generates.

And, if this happens the government's revenue will surely suffer.

The whole world have observed that we have not followed the standard protocol which even countries like Bhutan or India is able to follow.

The consequence of this gross negligence to human lives will be , Bangladeshis will be black listed to travel and restrictions will placed to travel to Bangladesh even if the regime reports very little contamination and fatality.

We may not care for our people's lives but other countries do.

If this sounds like panic and fear mongering you are welcome to think so.

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Zia Hassan | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2020-03-13 17:22:58