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Here is the summary for you:

“So far, we have not seen an exponential growth in Covid-19 cases as predicted by various experts and simulations, despite our large population, overcrowding, low level of hygiene and the laissez-faire attitude of the public. We can only speculate about the possible reasons:

Contact tracing and quarantining ensured that the outbreak was largely limited to family contacts and did not spill over to the community.

The weather in India is not conducive for the virus to spread as rapidly as it did in Wuhan and Europe. Indians have an innate immunity to the virus, thanks to unhygienic conditions.

This hypothesis can be quickly confirmed by doing serological surveillance among the non-contact populations to see whether they have an antibody to the Sars-CoV2. The Indian Council for Medical Research has already announced plans for such surveillance.”

Did India overreact? Covid-19 outbreak isn’t following the trajectory of Europe and China – so far

There is reason to be cautiously optimistic.

Asm Fakhrul Islam | উৎস | তারিখ ও সময়: 2020-04-02 00:37:06