Of bats and viruses – part 2 – ইমতিয়াজ মির্জা

Of bats and viruses – part 2

1. Talking about viruses means throwing in a lot of large mathematical values and big numbers – the extent of which most of our minds are unable to fathom.

2. We know quiet a bit about people being infected with coronavirus. We we also see that while some are becoming sick,
a lot more who are invaded / infected by the virus but are not getting sick.

3. Viruses probably doesn’t want to kill us. Killing the new host is not in the best interest for the virus also. These virus are here today after 3 million years of evolution and selection. And they are genetically and proteomically fittest, hence very apt at surviving and spreading in current zoonome.

4. Only thing they want is to make our body their home and live without harming us much. We are great hosts for them – because there are seven billion of us and we live a social life – in close congregation – so if needed they can jump from one to another. We are their dream home!

5. Once they can safely reside in us – we are so many in number – they won’t have to look for new home- their only job will be to keep propagating – for millions of years!

6. Naturally and understandably, our body is home to innumerable viruses. A good count or number is impossible to deduct. We have 40 trillion bacteria in our body and usually we know that there are ten times more viruses in nature than bacteria. Hence it is assumed that there are 400 trillion viruses who call out body their home.

7. We have a peace treaty with these viruses, there is a longstanding ceasefire. We don’t fight each other. Many, if not most, viruses are helpful for us.

8. But how can a virus be helpful? Before we discuss that let’s first talk about virus biodiversity in our body. We are still learning and our knowledge of human virome is still very incomplete.

9. So far what we have identified – there are 53 different types of human viruses in our body and about 53000 types of viruses which are the viruses living inside the bacteria that live inside our body. We know this from gene sequencing study – really isolating them in culture has been an impossible job.

10. Those viruses in bacteria keeps bacteria population in our body under check and don’t let bacteria overwhelm us/ take over us!

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