A hastily made monument, mostly out of simple bricks can be bulldozed easily. – আসিফ সিবগাত ভূঞা

A hastily made monument, mostly out of simple bricks can be bulldozed easily.

The efficiency and promptness shown by the otherwise inefficient and delay prone government proves it was a top priority. We need to understand from where this sense of urgency comes from. The same government who gets caught sleeping in almost every issue, can deploy the their whole might against a puny, ramshackle and barely standing structure?

This simple structure supposedly represented some entirely rational and rather tame concepts. None of them by the way, goes against our stated intent and purpose behind the founding our nation, so elegantly coded in our proclamation of independence.

These 8 concepts represented by those pillars, things like sovereignty, democracy, human dignity etc. Since when these simple yearnings produces such disproportionate responses?

When the regime gets triggered by the mere utterance of sovereignty, democracy, human dignity , we have to understand that the wholesale theft of our civil liberties is by design. Not an unintentional side effect like regime supporters loves to claim.

These monument represented an idea, an idea of a free, confident Bangladesh filled with laughter, vigor and a youthful obsession to move forward. And as we all know, an idea cant be killed, tortured, silenced, raped, mugged, beaten, bulldozed.

Our ancestors proclaimed its worthwhile to fight for a simple rose, or a laughter.

We do too.

উৎস । তারিখ: 2020-10-08 00:00:00