Few recent scientific advances will change the course of history for mankind. Wh – শাফকাত রাব্বী অনিক

Few recent scientific advances will change the course of history for mankind. While you were busy observing negative news and events , scientists quietly did some amazing work!

Here are my favorite scientific advances over the last few years :

1.) A Corona Virus vaccine was made in record time. Records are only meant to be broken, so you should expect future pandemics to have even faster vaccines!

2.) A Bill Gates funded company generated enough electricity from Solar Power to burn a object at 1000 degrees Celsius heat. That is the temperature that you need to use Solar Power for industrial use.

3.) Amazon, Telesat, SpaceX and OneWeb — these four companies are already sending thousands of small satellites per year, and will send 46,000 small satellites into the orbit over the next few years. That is more than 5 times the number of satellites sent to space by humans in last 60 years!! Some major advancement in human to human communication is coming!

4 ) Google and IBM made Quantum computers, which are 10,000 times faster than regular computers. You need to only imagine what these computers will do!

5.) Several machines have been made that can eat Carobon Dioxide from the air and produce brick blocks of carbon. These machines can dramatically lower global warming someday.

6.) Massive powerplants for generating electricity from hydrogen (from water) is being built in various countries. In theory, small scale water powered cars may also be possible some day using similar technology.

7.) Several flying cars and drones are ready for human travel. I have my eyes on a Flying Car made by a Boston based company named Terrafugia … they have the most practical looking solution for flying cars within a practical price range (not yet affordable).

8.) And today, SpaceX sent the first commerical space travelers to space! Inter gallactic travel just started, now imagine where will it end.

The 8 things discussed above will change all aspects of the human society over the next 25 years.

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22 thoughts on “Few recent scientific advances will change the course of history for mankind. Wh – শাফকাত রাব্বী অনিক”

  1. Biotech specially gene therapy and immune therapy will be very exciting for next 5 to 20 years. Though they will be very costly for next 20-30 years, these therapies will be in available cost for mass people after 20-25 years

  2. Extraordinary. I was thinking couple of years ago that oil based vehicle would be decreased. Solar power, electric based vehicle will be available soon. And, yep, those are real now to produce.

    I think mankind will experience a blast of mass communication next decades.

    Wow! Mankind are going to experience something which were imagination in the past.

  3. Quantum computers don’t do what regular PC’s do. So, it would be wrong to assume they’ll speed up general computing. They can solve a few riddles that were unsolvable before though.

  4. What about AI taking control over humans?
    And if humans start using smart robots for warfare on full scale, where do you see mankind 30 years forward from that point on?
    Do you consider it to be a threat to us?

  5. Around 1.89 billion people, or nearly 36% of the world’s population, lived in extreme poverty. Nearly half the population in developing countries lived on less than $1.25 a day.
    What will science do for them?

  6. …..and all preparations for apocalypse in Bangladesh, as in every possible way, Bangladesh Bangladesh is getting the worst preparation for the future.

    India declared 5 billion dollars subsidy for battery technology (you missed energy storage revolution, happening very soon), and the most polluted country in earth, Bangladesh, does not even has a plan for anything 😭

  7. Good points!
    Wanted to say something on point 6. Generating hydrogen from water isn’t still economic but maybe it will be a competitive source of clean energy with a reasonable price in next decades. But I think the cars will be mostly EV rather than fueled by a fuel cell (that you meant by water-powered) because of the higher price and technological disadvantages of fuel cell car or hydrogen car.

  8. One other key. STARLINK by SpaceX from Elon. LEO sattelites providing 150/25Mbps broadband Internet connectivity anywhere on planet for $99! Humanity now can go back and live in the villages or experience nature any way they want to!

  9. It’s feels amazing when you hear that carbon eating machines are already built and in working but the reality is far away from being implemented worldwide as a practical solution. For further investigation watch the Matt Ferels video on Undecided channel in youtube, you’ll know the truth.

  10. My first GPU GeForce FX 5800 was built on 55 nm process with a die Area of 470 mmx2 and 1400 million transistors.

    Apples new M1 was built on 5 nm process and has a die area of 120 mmx2.

    Guess the transistor count? 16 BILLIONS!!!

    That is the real revolution. From 2003 to 2020, not even a generation has passed.

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